Oddly Self-Confident Right Now

Surprisingly I’m not typing about food but I will in a bit. Anyway, this, right now, is one of the rare times I feel self-confident. Yes, at the odd time of 11.52pm, sitting here in my brother’s room typing at his laptop (Have I mentioned I liked laptops?) after a satisfying 4 hours leaving my iPad downstairs, dead. Ordinarily I would have done a conventional tweet about my self-confidence but I’m not going to because it’s dead. I let it die. MUAHAHA.

So I’m looking at my reflection in his huge hp monitor and I like what I see. I’m far from thinking I’m perfect, I never am. But just today, I like the way the wisps of baby hair and fringe fall over my now-bold-framed spectacles. I like how the thick dark frames encase my eyes, giving it a certain innocent genuine nerd-feel. I like the way the hair on the right frames my round face, the slight jaw line you can see if I tilt towards the right. The way my tiny mouth attempts to smile, turns into an all-too-tense trying-too-hard line, then morphs into a bemused smirk. I like the way my fringe is pinned back, revealing my perfectly proportionate forehead — No pimples! Then there’s that little red blemish on the right of my temple, imperceptibly covered, but I wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t.

In my eyes, today, I am perfect.


(Okay whoa how did I write that long I feel so egoistical now. Anyway, I’m doing the 24h Intermittent-Fasting thing from today until tomorrow at 7pm! 😀 Wish me luck!) 


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