0913 September, Low Carb

19th September

Today’s not any different, but I have to remind myself not to feel justified to eat junk and a lot more.. Though I’ve already been eating pretty shittily today ><

Regular Omelette: 1/2 egg (0.2g) + 1 egg white (0.2g) + 1/2 cheese (0.5g) + mozzarella + broccoli (1g) + tomatoes (est 1g) + onion + oyster sauce (1g)


2 cups of cabbage and oyster sauce

Chinese Stall: Vegetable + broccoli and cauliflower (2g) + $1 paigu (2g)

Chicken rice stall beansprouts

65 peanut halves.. 😦 I swear I get addicted to those things.
My dad bought me some more!! 😀 it tastes really different though haha


Steamed fish + Sambal beansprouts (SAMBAL MAKES EVERYTHING SO GOOD OMG I can eat several platefuls of this and be happy. It is amazing. And I don’t even like beansprouts.)

2 pieces auntie janet chicken


10 min PB




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