0913 September, Low Carb

20 September

Gained weight again lmao. Sigh I have no control and I also are a shitty metabolism YOU HAD ONE JOB. The again I’m pretty sure PB stalls it quite a bit.. (My mom just bought 1kg of crunchy PB ugh) But it scares me how nonchalant I am like I don’t seem to care that much and am not gery willing to completely cut it out even though it doesn’t go down as fast as it could but meh??

Ate breakfast (I was not actually hungry heh)


4pm: I haven’t eaten since breakfast but I’m honestly not hungry ugh does my body even need food?? (Kidding) But anyway I think I really keep eating a lot because I’m psychologically hungry. “Should I eat those peanuts?” Nope, I really shouldn’t. “Keep myself distracted so I don’t have to eat” especially because I don’t feel hungry, I think it’s pretty much just habit?

Heheh something that made me feel happy ish :3 (I feel awfully shallow though, feeling a surge of joy..) so I saw my junior G in the canteen when walking to the SAC (WE DIDNT HAVE BIO SO I SLEPT THERE FROM 9.45am to 11.45am!! :D) and she was like “eh! You lost a lot of weight ah never eat is it so stressed?” And when I did that annoying obligatory “nah probably didn’t” here friend JT piped up “yeah! you lost a lot of weight!


Ate because psychological hunger.. Again. 2 cups of broccoli cooked with oyster sauce and some of M Jie’s amazing Sambal chili!


And guess what. I ate a WHOLE GOLDEN POMFRET. Not because I was hungry, but because there was no one else to eat it with me ^^” greedy me heheh. Also, it seems to be as though mos people don’t “binge on an entire fish” or “ate a whole fish will I get fat” hm. strange.


That was when it was full, and this is at HALF.


And then there was the PB that I just HAD to eat didn’t I because fatass. (When I started on it.. And finished half an hour later :((


10:32pm — I weighed myself and I’m 46.5kg! Hopefully it’d be around 45.5kg by the end of the month!


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