0913 September, Going Out, Low Carb, Stuff I Made

22 September: Saltwater Café @ Changi Village Hotel + SIM

Oops, stuffed myself again. But not with the buffet, with PEANUT BUTTER. Wtf?! I didn’t even have to, I was still full from the buffet! Not stuffed, but full, and controlled. Ugh. I just kept on going and going because I gave myself 40 minutes. Way, way too much. Why do i make myself uncomfortable and feeling like puking?! S T O P

Ok I think in the week(days) to come, I shall not eat any peanut butter at all, I mean, I’ve had way too much. I’ll eat seeds or nuts instead 😦

Oh yeah, I’m IF-ing until 6.05pm tomorrow! 😀 I really have to get this straight. Just because I’m IF-ing doesn’t make any difference to regular eating. It doesn’t mean i have to stock up on food or I’d starve. Or else I’d never lose fat.

Anyway, I ate the regular egg breakfast and we went out for lunch as a family(-G) after church! Also, the ECM vote is 67%, just barely 0.4% over the 66.6% (hmm..) necessary.

Saltwater Café
Village Hotel Changi
1 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508502
Tel: 63797111

The Spread










The Many Plates I Consumed (9??!!!)
Chicken Satay, Mutton Satay, Beef Satay, Pork Satay. Only the chicken one was good, but it was REALLY good. Incredibly tender and yummy, I ate 6! (With peanut sauce of course)

My assortment of food is really weird okay! 4 crispy fish skin + some beef + curry chicken:

Salad leaves + dressing + some chicken salad + some tuna salad + a bit of tofu

Salad leaves + some Indian meat curry + 1 sweet sour fish

KPT filling + egg + 3 prawns

Charsiew + chicken + 1 duck

Salad leaves + a ladle of mushroom soup + KPT filling + egg + 3 prawns

Some Tao gua with beansprouts + xiao bai cai + pork belly + KPT filling + egg + 3 prawns

Other Stuff


HAHA my bro is hilarious he was like “I took a bowl then I realised they had cones..” He is the kind of person that would probably end up working at an ice cream shop and.. okay never mind it’s funnier when said in real life I promise

It was alright I guess. Not bad ambience, food was alright (the chicken and chicken satay!) but forgettable. There were quite a few dishes that were pretty bad like the fish ‘teriyaki’, the beef sauce was too gloopy, many of the hot dishes were basically drenched in oil, the spread got quite boring after a while etc..
So while it was alright, it’s not a place I’d bring my family back to — there’s way more out there to try!
Cleared plates fast, attentive, but the people serving it however.. The roast meat guy was friendly enough, the satay guy was a China dude who couldn’t really understand English well I think (but he tried!), the prata guy was just really moody and black-faced :<
I felt pretty judged getting food tbh I could've sworn when they were lined up and someone refilled the ngoh hiang with crispy ones and I took it, they were muttering and whispering "see when you refill they take" uhm? I FELT WATCHED OKAY AGHH to be fair the ones that had been sitting there were deflated and soggy.
I honestly thought the price here was $30 for lunch? And in addition the 1-to-1 senior citizen lunch promotion, as well as a 20% UOB discount. But turns out it was $38 per adult, and if you have a 1-to-1 senior citizen you can't use the UOB discount what?! I'd inquired about it over the phone ugh maybe I should've been more clear I guess.
Thing I Made: Pizza Quesadilla
It’s more like an idea, from http://www.the-girl-who-ate-everything.com/2012/07/pizza-quesadillas.html


And my neighbour gave us some food too



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