0913 September, IF, Low Carb

23 September: ESE 2

Whoops I gained weight haha

11.15am: thought about IF like 5 times? Not hunger though. Slightly hungry but not exactly. I’ll be fine.
11.42am: stomach rumbling a little bit, but I’m still not hungry
2pm: thought about IF thrice
2.40pm: slightly hungry but manageable. It’s hard to believe I’ve gone about 21 hours without food already. I’m starting to think we (or I) don’t actually need so much to survive.
3-4pm: Violin lesson and I was thinking of IF a lot haha. stomach grumbled a bit but it was okay (I’m not STARVING at least)
4.44pm: more psychologically hungry than anything. but I guess it’s true, humans are creatures of habit. Oh, and that I no longer know how to eat intuitively.
6.09pm: 24 hours (and 4 minutes) over, I don’t have to eat but I guess I will. And tomorrow will be back to normal, whatever that is.

Also, this is rather exposing IMO but haha whatever screw this I’ll just post it anyway.

(Btw that is me sucking in and tensing so don’t be fooled I look pregnant from the side)
((I must say though, I’m pretty proud of myself kinda. But I don’t think I’ll ever be skinny enough?))
(((That is literally the best angle and the best day)))

I’ve started trying to do static flexing/using ab muscles to suck in idk but it seems to tone more? “Draw your navel to your spine” Oh, and tensing the core when doing the measly 10 push-ups.

6.54pm: Haven’t eaten yet, and it seems to be that after the 24hours are over it’s really easy to go the next 12. But well my productivity rate is zilch I’m just psychologically hungry/greedy :<
6.56pm: 46.5kg.. Oh well it’s a long term process.
7pm: DINNAH — ABC soup, formerly christened macaroni soup

7.22pm: Gosh, I just had about 4 (small) bowls of soup with 2 pieces of pork haha okay I’m stopping now.


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