0913 September, Low Carb

24 September

Then I had the weirdest lunch-structure ever, ABC soup (cabbage and pork) in a thermos flask.. And I brought a little bowl to go with it 😀


I was getting started on it, then I was messaged by Nic that there was a Council GM. (I DID NOT KNOW UGH. I’m really trying to try but I am unable to.. It just gets worse.) Not to mention I got screwed over again and it’s like a big time screw :/ irreversible screw. Cannot be unscrewed.

So I ran over, we were briefed about Soul Surfer, ended at 11.15am but MsP lectured us until 11.45am (couldn’t eat my soup, just sayin :<) and then I got scolded some more until 12.. I guess I deserved it, forgetting my meeting with MsT and all (for the very first time, I tried to immediately respond to the email and be the first to sign up. It was all for naught, no effort is ever seen. Sure it's not enough, but aren't people supposed to be caring around here? -.^)

Just went to see a teacher, from 2.35pm to 2.55pm. Sob. Literally.

It was pretty darn thrilling man though it was probably quite an asshole move.. But I mean, the emotions are real. They’ve just been suppressed.
2 cups of stir-fried kailan:

1/6 Mr PB Bread Grilled Cheese: (nope, it tastes too peanutty..about 150kcal I think)




I made CREAAAAAMY scrambled eggs! They were pretty plain though, but I was half aiming for that to combine it with minced meat. 6 eggs + 1/3 cup cottage cheese + seasoning:


I love unagi ahh


Oh I also made a bit of stuff (well not really, it was just nah not exactly):
Homemade PB, grinding 1/3 cup peanuts with a splash of oil in the Magic Bullet —


Then giving it to my helper as a Fluffernutter Banana Open-faced Sandwich —


And kind-of-ice-cream! Ugh I don’t actually get why I make low carb treats, I don’t actually need it. I guess I just make it for experimentation but really, I don’t have to eat it, I’d actually kinda rather eat vegetables! ^^” I am so weird.



Ugh I am /positive/ OJX ratted on me, aka one of the main reasons why I’m so screwed. :<


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