0913 September, Low Carb

25 September

Mmh I likey omelette. So today I did the regular 1/2 egg + 1 egg white thing, with sautéed broccoli and tomato. And cheese, LOTS OF CHEESE :>

But then I did it slightly differently today, with 1T of minced meat from dinner yesterday (didn’t really like it, it was dry :<) and the really pretty great part — 1t of cottage cheese on one end. It was cheeeesy and protein filled 😀


Last SBGE meeting, where we got chicken cutlet and chili and fishballs!


(At home) Screw it I’m eating like crap today I’m sad and ugh. :< 1 cup cabbage, 2.5 pieces of unagi, 45 green tea pumpkin seeds, 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese (I have yet to learn how to eat that..) Won’t be surprised if I’m 47.0kg tomorrow. I know I can control it but I don’t, WTF?!



A bunch of minced meat..

Really yummy tomato cheese omelette with 1T cottage cheese (I FORGOT TO PUT SMOKED SALMON BLEH) and sides of 1/4 cup broccoli and 1/2 cup cabbage 🙂


And then I’m going to continue eating one last bit not because I’m hungry anymore, but because I want to eat and greed. I’m fully aware, fully conscious of my actions and yes I do think I’m a dumbass. It’s disgusting that I’m actually full. And that I’ve eaten so many snacks and meals ASDFLIJASDFIJASRF agh. I’m telling myself that I’m eating it to finish it.


7.55pm: I’m 47.5kg. Sigh. 😦 If I’m not 46.0kg by the day after tomorrow, I’ll eat a packet of almonds til dinner 🙂


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