0913 September, Going Out, Low Carb

28 September: Man Zhu Café @ Chinese Swimming Club

Today, we had lunch at 12.30pm with my cousin, Jason’s real dad. He’s like 72 years old and I’ve never met him before but it was really nice. He’s pretty nice to talk to and his children (20 and 21) were fun to converse with. We went to Man Zhu Café @ Chinese Swimming Club, Level 1 (Marine Parade area). They had an extensive, diverse menu ranging with delicacies of various ethnicities — Western, East, Singaporean etc. Here’s what I ate:

Salmon salad, shared with big kor. It was quite yummy, raw salmon, a Japanese-esque miso tangy sauce drizzled over salad greens and cherry tomatoes:

Chicken Caesar salad, shared with second kor. I think I preferred this, the chicken wasn’t dry but rather pretty succulent.

Oxtail! My main, yummy! I skipped the potatoes and mashed potato. I also ate half of second bro’s Parmesan crusted tilapia. It was bland though, until you slather in with tomato sauce or the gravy that came with the oxtail.


-his kids and talking etc-

For dinner, we had cola pork ribs (I ate 2), steamed golden pomfret, Sambal asparagus and stir fried baby bak choy.


My bro made baked Alaska and really wanted to me to try it so I grudgingly did >< ANYWAY I GOT A NEW TIMEX WATCH TODAY! 😀 The last one disappeared after putting it next to my violin case at M4-04 :< It's pretty much the same style, just white. //soracist



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