1013 October, Low Carb

4th October: terrible IH..

The IH paper today was T E R R I B L E

Before assembly, I casually mentioned to my homies “I wonder what’d happen if they give us a rural scenario I HAVE NO RURAL EXAMPLES” to which YQ replied “nah, they made us study US and UK it’s probably something along those lines” but nooooo friggin Lalaland was rural and had no money or infrastructure and asrlgijasrg I am so screwed I’m literally aiming for about 30/55. 🙂

Also I realised that I ate a ton more when I’m stressed aghhh

Morning mocha slushie: (because I slept at 1.30am and woke up at 5am)




A bunch of almonds, a bunch of peanuts
1 cup of stir fried cabbage
40 green tea seed

Mango seed


3 pieces of chicken


I took a nap from 5pm to 7pm then I woke up and ate again (I am such a hibernating pig)



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