1013 October, IF, Low Carb, Stuff I Made

11 October: ESE 4

I am IF-ing by accident haha. My exams kind of finished yesterday, so after spending lunch out with my parents, I came home and slept. 5.30pm.. Meant to wake up but when I did it was 7.30 so I decided to skip dinner and sleep.

..I slept until 8.30am this morning, that’s how exhausted I was. In fact, I’m still pretty tired, I should eat soon 😛 ate PB until about 3pm yesterday (OR I COULD EAT AT LIKE 1.30pm!) so meh I’ll just do my math first.

I’m not actually really hungry, it’s not very hard to IF. Like I said, habit. It’s kind of weird really. It’s sort of I’m hungry-ish, but I don’t want to/need to eat.

2.28pm: I’m really not hungry (kind of full ish, in fact), but I’m guessing I should eat to placate myself mentally and to give me energy xD

3.40pm: It’s kind of queer, ya know, thinking that it’s entirely possible I skip eating until like 8am tomorrow — 41 hours.. Because I mean, I’m going to dance today from maybe 6.30-9.30? That’s leaving me practically no time to eat anyway. But on behalf of providing energy to have fun while dancing, I’m going to force myself to eat haha.

4.30pm: crap, I only have less than an hour to
– call o school
– charge phone
– shower
– practise violin
– do some math

HAHA OH NO anyway I really don’t feel like eating but oh well

4.38pm: CHOW TIME! Beef Bulgogi


I cannot go without veggies, sautéed cabbage and cauliflower


And because I’m a dumbass addict I had 20 minutes of peanut butter ;_;

I am absolutely LOVING the pseudo holidays. Oh my gosh it feels incredible to be without the constant pressure of imminent deadlines and pressure and ahhh I am pretty glad I’m not going for competition – not just because its stressful, but it’s been ages since I’ve felt this free, free to pursue things I want to do. Like the inspiration derived from idleness ^^

So today I woke up by myself at 8.30am (actually I woke up at 3am and again at 5am but that’s not the point.), did a bunch of math (finished the preliminary rounds of time trial), made eggs Benedict (to follow below), did another bunch of math, read through/kinda studied through the whole file, slacked around watching dance moms and “Bizarre Foods in Singapore”, went to O School Intro Class Hip Hop (taught by Ronnie, 6.30pm to 7.30pm). We left at around 5.30pm. I got back at around 9.30pm, took a bus on my own. So as a whole, today’s been good! 😀 I even started reading again! “The Guardian, Nicholas Sparks” I haven’t read in ages, and I’m learning to love it again.

Dance class was pretty fun. We did a choreography to “Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke”. IT WAS HARD AHHH do not be fooled by the “Intro” title, everyone there seems to be so experienced and good! I should really take the introductory courses :O The people were nice though, someone turned behind to a complete beginner who looked lost and kindly said “don’t worry, it’s like that”. I could not get the footwork from the beginning and ew my hair. It was quite a friendly environment, where people would respond and be, uhm, friendly to the instructor etc.

I went downstairs and saw a dance off, as well as waited outside watching people dance while doing math from 7.30pm to 8pm 😛 the dance community is so cool ugh why can’t I dance



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