1013 October, Going Out, Low Carb, Stuff I Made

12 October: Ulu Ulu Café and Lounge

I’m such an extremist — I eat everything or I eat nothing.

1/2h PB


Omelette, with some cottage cheese


2 pieces of emperor’s chicken


Garlic Sprouts


Watercress soup


3 pieces tofu


I was sleepy so I slept from 2.50pm to 4.40pm lol. Then I went to Changi Village to cycle with dad from 5 to 6. We should do that more often!! AHH it was fun but my stamina absolutely sucks xD Upon arriving home, we headed out to the most remote (Ulu Ulu) restaurant ever. We got to know of the place through a flyer in our mailbox xD
Ulu Ulu Café and Lounge
25 Loyang Crescent,
Toll Loyang Offshore Supply Base,
9th Floor Rooftop Multi-Storey Carpark,
Tops Avenue 1, Singapore 508988

The service was fast, I was quite impressed. There’s no service charge or GST either. One thing though, they don’t really know their wines xD Ok I ordered the curried lamb shank ($18.90) Not bad, but not wonderful either.


Then there was mom’s Slow Roasted Chicken in White Wine Source ($18.90) which was SO GOOD when we go back there I’m definitely having it.


And then there’s pa’s Beef Stew ($12.90)




I guess overall the prices are not bad, it ranges from $11-$19 and some Set Lunch promotion too — $9.90 for soup and dessert! I’d say that’s pretty good whoa.


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