1013 October, IF, Low Carb

28 October: ESE 8, Icing Brownies

“Are you okay? You lost weight! Yeah you seem smaller..”

3.30pm: stomach growling in violin due to lack of drinking water
6.30pm: not really hungry, haven’t really thought about food much today, just tired (what’s new) and edgy towards dinner time xD but agh why aren’t I hungry?? Does that mean I don’t need food or what agh
7pm: it’s like after the stipulated time it becomes a lot easier to just continue. I’m going to eat though because I’m a pig LOL



And with the screwed up icing I made brownies (not sure of the exact proportions, I kinda winged it..)
1 estimated cup flour
1t salt
2T cocoa powder
312g chocolate
238g butter
1t coffee powder
200g sugar
5 eggs
2t vanilla extract

Screwed up icing (estimated 3/4 of it, 1/4 used):
210g butter
170g sugar
165g chocolate




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