1113 November, Low Carb

29th November


1/2 egg (0.3g) + 1 egg white (0.2g) + 1/2 cheese (0.5g) + cheddar + 1 cup cabbage (1g) + 3/4t. oyster sauce (0.6g) + 5T cottage cheese (5g) + mushroom + onions (abt 2g)
2 halves pecan (0.8g) + 5 almonds (1g)
Yong Tao Fu red sauce + cabbage + tofu + some eggplant + cuttlefish (est 5g)
1.5 baked fish head
Garlic Flavoured roasted pork + isoyaki roasted pork (est 4g)
2 auntie Janet chicken wings + miso pan fried salmon + garlic sprouts + 1 shrimp + 1 scallop (est 10g)

Tomorrow I’m going to the OMM-SOTA camp and FML I’m not socially prepared for this ASDJHGSKJA not to mention my hair is terrible and makes me feel awfully inept and unconfident HELP


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