1113 November, Going Out, Low Carb

11th December





Eww I kind of really hate today and I’m still hating myself a little for eating what I did I mean I was doing really well (I suck at induction), had an omelette, beansprouts and salmon. Went out to orchard and didn’t have anything, then came 7.30pm. What irked me most was that there were so many /choices/ but I made all the bad ones. E.g., I could’ve chosen to just go home after (when nette was going back) and eat salmon & veg at home. Nope, chose to remain at Ion with M. Nothing wrong, but there was no more salad at Toss&Turn. No problem, don’t have to eat. Went to Tori-Q, was going to order chicken yakitori balls but decided to cancel. Good job. Decided to walk around to check out what food there was (because I was a wee bit tired), there was eggplant and basically dishes I could get for $1.20 each — 3 for $3.60! Bunch of veggie dishes, mmm! But nope. My freaking bad decisive skills honed in on Hot Star Chicken, the thing that set me back yesterday (breading), and guess what I decided. I decided to get “crispy fried mushrooms”, $3.20. FRIGGIN HELL HOW DO THEY MAKE IT CRISPY? BREADING AND FLOUR OBVIOUSLY. Retard. It was alright I guess but half the time I was trying to avoid the breading and not die of dehydration from the MSG and flavoring staining my fingers, and desperately trying to justify the hefty price tag just 40c away from a nice, substantial, nutritious and enjoyable set of dishes. I am sad and annoyed. 😦

I guess there’s only one way to move, and that’s forward. What should I do tomorrow, then?
– no brekkie (unless 47 or lower, then can cauliflower)
– salad/light lunch or something
– snack: seaweed
– no nuts at all
– dinner
– abs

– $15 grey shoes, Rubi’s (2 for $30)
– $38 turquoise toga dress, Far East Plaza
– $5 turquoise tube, Far East Plaza
– $3.20 crispy fried mushrooms, Ion Hotstar


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