1213 December, Going Out, Low Carb

13th December: Masala Cauliflower, DowntownEastFC, WhiteSandsKopitiam

Masala Cauliflower:
– 1 cup cauliflower
– spritz of cooking spray
– 1/2t ground cumin
– 1/2t ground coriander
– 1/4t ground turmeric
– pinch of chilli flakes
– 1/2t garlic salt
Adapted from: http://www.paperchef.com/en/recipes/print/masala_cauliflower

Why’s the night so terrible I mean I tried to go to sleep at 9.45, tossed and turned for so long, woke up at 12, slept on the floor, woke up, went to mum’s room at 3, left, went to kor’s room, woke up at 7, but finally managed to catch some sleep.

1 cup masala cauliflower (3g)
Tampines Mall Kopitiam: Cabbage with beans + something like chap chye + 2 pieces curry chicken ($3.20) + 8 pieces Tampines Interchange foodcourt eggplant ($1)
Tasting Tampines Mall NTUC sausage + 3 black soya beans
1 half pecan (0.8g)
KaiYun Jie’s house: a lot of turkey + >5T gravy + 2 pieces sweet potato (oops) + brussel sprouts + 2.5 smoked salmon with cheese filling
Total: 3.8g + lunch + KaiYun Jie’s dinner






My bro just came back from Youth Camp, there were only about 20 youths there so I bet they bonded. I’m.. I don’t know. He keeps trying to say that I should’ve gone but well, I just don’t fit in there. I never did. I remember how I went to church camp in Sec 1 — in the kitchen feeling terrible, left out, alone as SabJamieGwenJaneneEtc hung out, attempting to find any blade I could though they turned out too blunt. In P6, all alone in the bus to Malaysia with Janene and Josiah and friends laughing and chatting. Then there’s now, where I basically don’t have anywhere to turn to, where nowhere is my refuge. Heck, I went excited because of T.S., looking forward every single week, because of him. In the back of my mind, I always knew it was superficial. At least I can say I’m completely over my crush — I’d have died to go for camp had I still been crazy over him. But if I did, I’d have missed out on bonding time with my bud nette, and frozen outing, and slacking, and math. Probably worth it.


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