1213 December, Overseas

23rd December: Pragelato, Italy

Today was fab, had the first day of snowboarding! This was pretty much the schedule —
7.30am: Wake up
8-9am: Brekkie
9.30am: Meet instructor & group
9.30am-10.30am: Delay getting helmet
10.30am-12.30pm: Snowboard down the same 50 meters FML
12.40pm-1.50pm: Lunch
2.30pm: Finally get into the gondola (Josh JS and I got stuck kinda)
4pm: Go back
5pm: Juniors Club, wait around etc
6pm-7pm: Wash up
7pm-7.30pm: Pig out with dad
7.30pm-8.50pm: La Trattoria
8.50pm: Attempt to find Junior Cub (filled with Frenchies who don’t seem very friendly ><)
9+: Ditch everyone, walk around with Josh in the cold and stuff, come back, sit and talk about racism and corruption
9.40pm+: Don't know how to open door, go to Mini Club to pee

I can't believe how much I'm eating no wonder why I'd gained weight exponentially last year. Not to mention how much sugar in consuming, gosh. Voluntarily.

– 3 ham slices + 2 rounds cucumber + some salmon
– omelette w/ tomatoes cheese onions ham

– fish + eggplant with peppers + chicken
– cabbage + broccoli + salad leaves + occubucco + taste random weird tomato sauce thing
– salad + ham + 1/2 hard boiled egg + 2 pieces tender stewed beef
– taste egg with salad

3 cubes ham + 2 cheese
2 mini cups hot chocolate + 1.5 mini cups iced coffee slushie :[
1/2 chocolate hazelnut truffle :[

Yes I decided to drink hot chocolate and it was so good. I’m probably going to continue because it feels amazing drinking that chocolate nectar after the bitter cold snowboard down.

Dinner 1, 7.15pm-7.30pm:
– Spinach w/ cheese + 3 pieces pumpkin + 1 cube beef + yummy salmon with a bit of bacon + taste overcooked veal
– Some eggplant with salad
– Beef tartare
Dinner 2 @ La Trattoria, 7.30pm-8.50pm:
– Eggplant + mushrooms
– Tomatoes + cheese + 1/2 potato gnocchi :[
– Beef w/ cheese
– 1/4 tiramisu :[





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