1213 December, Overseas

25th December: Pragelato, Italy

10.32pm: I just had the most fun (well sorta) adventure ever (sorta)

9.15am: meet coach & pack
9.30am: finally get going, get on a bus
10am: adjust boot (tighter) and start snowboarding at ‘sestiere’
12.40pm: reach back after bus ride
: lunch
2.05pm: meet
2.15pm: bus
3.45pm: go back
4.20pm: reach back
4.20pm-5pm: play around in the snow with jaden & josh
5pm-6pm: junior club learn to dance ‘talk dirty to me’ & ‘the drop’ + play a bit of cards (7, pair, hamburger)
: shower
7pm: hang out in lounge for a bit, see Aaron’s magic trick thing
7.20pm-8.30pm: dinner
8.30pm: supposed to go for snowball fight, delay on my iPad and get there at 9+pm
9+pm: snowball fight a bit
9.30pm: sit around, ‘help’ the salt-snow guy on the stairs
: decide to go on at adventure because yodo
~9.45pm-10.20pm: trudge around in the snow around the back and haha idek









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