1213 December, Low Carb, Overseas

29th December: Pragelato, Italy –> London

– 3 egg whites some yolk
– 3 bacon
– omelette w cheese tomatoes ham
– scrambled + 1/2 turkey sausage
– 2 sips hot chocolate


2 mini hot chocolate
2 vitamin C
20+ slivers off pa’s hazelnut pastry


7.45pm UK @ Tan’s house:
– 3 bowls butternut squash soup
– salad: leaves, ikan bilis, beetroot slivers, bacon, avocado, prawn, olive oil, dressing
– 4 ribs
– mushrooms



I don’t know why but all I want to do is MSI. I’m not miserable per se, but I am. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me, but it seems like everything is. I’m wrecking myself, I’m dying somehow. Sure, I survive as the days go by, but that’s all there is to it. They go by, I survive, I slink further away from life.

I’m on the plane to London now, we’re going to Surrey to stay with the Singaporean family soon. Anyway I really have got to start making resolutions or I’ll just waste the last year in NYGH away. Not like there was much to it anyway, but I’ll make them anyway.

As this holiday comes to a close (all too soon) I must say I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot. It was a strangely weird experience eating gelato and letting myself go, kinda. Not in the sense where I eat pasta and pizza in Italy, but ingredient wise I pretty much didn’t care — breading, tomato sauce, dressing, etc. The very first day of Florence, I was still trying so hard, attempting to not consume Gab’s risotto and tiramisu. Then willingly licking some of pa’s gelato, then the very first time I let myself drink the ice slushie coffee..and amazing hot chocolate..and then another cup..and then drinking cup(s) of hot chocolate every single day. Gosh. The first day I’d arrived in Club Med I saw someone get a hot chocolate, haha. Something I’d rarely ever do, or so I thought. I got a cappuccino, no sugar. Sadly I can feel myself gaining weight exponentially despite snowboarding for a total of about 30 hours this week.



– snowboard until 540, dark, May
– frenchies

– snowboard in the morning w gab
> bruise n mantra
– rift w mom
– ice karting
– teens



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