0114 January, Going Out

18th January: Mom’s Reunion Dinner @ Swatow Restaurant

FRIK I’ve been ravenous this whole day. It’s not that I’m hungry, I’m just EATING AND EATING AND UGHHH. Doesn’t help that I’d been up since 7.45am, it went absolutely downhill since then. 😦 Tomorrow will be a better day. Yeah so anyway I’d been doing work for maybe 5 hours straight?

This is what I’ve accomplished (quite proud okay):
– read the news
– read 2 chapters of Chinese + the vocab
– finished Chinese worksheet
– finished Math matrices pre-quiz homework
– did Chinese BZBD planning
– did History SBQ planning
– learnt 10 Chengyus

And this is what I’ve eaten (way too much okay): 8.10am-10.38am: :OOO
– herbal chicken soup alone
– a bunch of cottage cheese
– baba ghanoush
– tuna
– 1 packet of seaweed
– >5 Tao Kae Noi
– 5 almonds
– 6 pieces korean pork
11am: 1/2 egg (0.3g) + 1 egg white (0.2g) + 1/2 cup cubed eggplant (1g) + 1T onion + some tomatoes (1g) + 1t oyster sauce (0.6g) + 2T cottage cheese (2g) + 1/2 slice cheese (0.5g)
– 4 pieces korean pork
– 40 green tea seeds
– 20 pieces korean beef bulgogi
– cabbage
– a bit of lettuce







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