0214 February, Going Out, Low Carb

3rd February: Outing with Pri Sch Kiddos

Ah I love it when I meet up with them :’) it’s been nearly a decade! We played tai ti, resistance, ate lunch, learnt how to play mahjong, bowling..

In the morning, I practised an hour of violin then went to CF for TRX and BodyCombat. It’s always pretty hell-ish a little but I love it somehow. It’s really weird in a gotta-push-yourself-to-the-max-but-I-wanna-stopppp way. I love it, it makes me so happy and brimming with confidence.

Odd breakfast.. 9-9.45am: 2 plates fish maw — 10 mushrooms & 8 fish maw




1.15pm @ Hao Kou Wei: 4 tofu + curry cabbage
The auntie saw me and said “你要茄子啊!” hehe


2.15pm @ friend’s house:
– 2 servings steamed cauliflower + mushroom meat ghoulash w bacon bits
– 1/2 packet crispy seaweed


– 2 plates fish maw — 2 mushrooms & 5 fish maw
– some clam chowder
– Korean pork
– xiao bai cai
– lamb 2 bones
– 1 chicken wing
8pm: taste chocolate lava cake





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