0214 February, Low Carb

16th February

I always eat too much. Much more than I need. Much more than my body needs. Much more than I want.

10.15am-10.30am: 7 almonds + 11 seeds

1pm-1.25pm: :OOO
– $2.40 Koufu
> 8 pieces eggplant
> cabbage
> beancurd knot & cabbage

Of course, I just HAVE to get myself a second lunch now don’t I. That’s a heck load of food for one person, if you look at it. One person with the caloric requirement of 1000.
– $2 Old LP
> stir fried pumpkin
> curried cabbage sayur lodeh
> cabbage


I go home and I’m not satisfied. I eat yet again.
2.30pm: 1/2 AF Brownie


Hoping to quell any greed but nope.
3pm-3.40pm: 84 seeds :OOOOO


And again.
6.15pm: 250g stir fried cauliflower w yogurt tahini sauce & Sambal chilli


And a huge dinner, too.
– 10 claypot mushroom
– >8 claypot chicken
– some smoked salmon & egg white & hollandaise
– kailan
– 3 strawberries + 1 blackberry




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