0314 March, Low Carb

19th March: SCMUN Day 3

– resolution passed
– sa yi’s house: talk, iPad, trying to find & blister, food, sleep, violin
– Bathan admire
– Awards + my experience (Claudia thinks I’m good, aim for VC & HM, improve tons, have points but need to organize)
– DnD party valarie

6.30-6.39am: 1/2 egg (0.3g) + 1 egg white (0.2g) + 1/4 cup broccoli (1g) + eggplant + 1T onion + some tomatoes (1g) + 1t oyster sauce (0.6g) + 1/2 slice cheese (0.5g)
6.39am-6.47am: 134g cottage cheese

10am: 1 chewing gum


– omelette w onions (2 small kampung eggs)
– cabbage carrots salted mini prawn
– some minced meat




8.15pm @ SCMUN DnD:
– green veggie
– 2 tandoori chicken
– 1 soy chicken
– a bunch of cereal fish
– 1 bowl pumpkin soup


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