0414 April, Low Carb

10th April: B-A-D

1/2 egg (0.3g) + 1 egg white (0.2g) + 1/4 cup broccoli (1g) + eggplant + 1T onion + some tomatoes (1g) + 1t oyster sauce (0.6g) + 1/2 slice cheese (0.5g) + 87g cottage cheese (440g–>353g)
– 5 almonds (1g)
10.30am-11.10am: 22 almonds (4.4g)
12.30pm: 3 almonds (0.6g)
2.15pm-2.40pm: 17 almonds (3g)
4.20pm: 5 almonds (1g)
6.25pm: 3 almonds (0.6g)
– stir fried beef w onion
– XO sweet potato leaves
– portobello mushroom
– 5 blueberries (0.8g)

Total: 15.4g + dinner

I ate 55 almonds throughout the day whoa.


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