0514 May

6th May

3.53-4: eat omelette
4.18-4.32: read speed of reactions
5-5.10: a lit read poetry stuff
5.15-5.40: a lit read apti paper + sparknotes + some googledoc
5.50-6.13: Chem SPA notes
6.20-6.47: dinner
7-7.09: o.c. fuels
7-7.18: prac & mark
7.18-7.45: KPT
7.45-8.20: Salt prep
8.20-9: freak out and shower
9-9.16: separation
9.16-10: acids & bases
10-10.04: ionic equation
10.05-10.12: apti sparkquotes “never seem in proportion” “didn’t want to correct” “true verbally” “in every remark Aziz found a meaning, but not always the true meaning” (VII)
10.12-10.26: mole concept
10.26-10.40: calculations
10.45-10.55: APTI rant
11-11.26: a lit tempest read what I have google doc & spark
11.26-11.43: study SPA & glance at practicals
11.45-12.10: organic chemistry alkanes/alkenes


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