0514 May, Stuff I Made

19th May: Cream Puffs (II)

6.40am: omelette
– 29 CS eggplants
– free egg tomato
– 24 CS eggplants
– free egg tomato
– free egg w chopped beans
5.20-6pm: 40min natural PB
6pm: some crispy salty fish
– sambal kang kong
– steamed red snapper
– 4 deep fried battered prawn w mayo
– 1.5 steamed prawns



I made 1/4 a batch first (as in 1/2 egg-2T water-19g butter- flour) but it sucked.

So I made half a batch.
24 puffs + 1 mini + 2 normal sized dough frozen + 1 mini dough frozen.
– 1/4 cup water
– 28g butter
– 31.5g all purpose flour
– 65g+ large egg

That was really odd. When making both batches, after adding the egg, it refused to get silky and smooth. So on the second batch, I added more egg to make it as silky as I thought was okay.


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