0614 June, Low Carb

10th June: IMUNC Day 2! :)))

Omg I can’t begin to say how happy I am about today and how great today went. Here’s a brief summary before I forget everything:
– TS 1.5h, rooftop and talking
– spoke a lot
> not afraid to give a speech without writing out the whole speech
– chairs
> hi-five amendment
> “eh chairs you damn bad”
> “Camp David? why not hahah”
> but reminders to focus on not just our safety
– IMUNC fun
> President’s scandal
> Pol Act
> Sass—is that a question? we have to do it alive. fit the whole of USA
> I’m not as affected at him as yesterday, managed to rally most of the council using reason for my directives! :))
> let Scali sub the directive even though I wrote it hehe (wow magnanimous sorz)
– After IMUNC
> played frisbee (in skirt)
> council dinner: got to know wen le, Megan, Wan Hui

But annoying shit:
– see I told you we were wasting time with Scali
– Guantanamo bay
– object presidential bunker because we have more important directives
– bad mouthing mccone “do you realize that some of the things the ang moh dude says makes no sense” “he keeps objecting”

Interrogation: 5
Directives: 3 Co-Sub (1 of which was Day 1), 3 Sub (8-7; 14-1; 11-3-1—Guantanamo, Presidential Bunker, Robert Kennedy)
POI given: 3
POI taken: 5
Speeches before lunch: 11
Speeches after lunch: 4
(first day 10, 2 POI)
6.37am-6.47am: 1/2 omelette w cottage cheese
12+ @ IMUNC:
– 3 pieces cream sauce fish
– rendang
– 2 cabbage rolls w spaghetti sauce
7.47pm-8.22pm (35min):
– oyster mushroom
– 1 piece soy sauce chicken
– 5 pieces braised beancurd knot
– 2 halves mushroom
– kailan




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