0714 July, crazy cheats, Events

26th July: Sugar Spam + Pizza Hut + FUNMUN

9.27am-9.43am (15min): 1/2 omelette w cottage cheese & lousy oyster sauce

11am-11.14am: 2 hello pandas, 3 twisties, 5 maamee
11.23am-11.57am (34min): chocobloc dark
12.34pm-12.59pm (25min): chicken piece + cauliflower

3pm: twisties (80kcal, 8g)
3.30pm-3.43pm: 4 chocolate hello panda, 2 strawberry hello panda
6+pm: 2 strawberry yupi
6.46pm: 3 choc 4 strawberry hello panda
8.20pm-8.54pm (34min) @ btp pizza hut:
– $2.60 2 battered prawn + 2 calamari + 1 chicken drumlet

– $6 2 slices meat lovers pizza

10.15+pm: leftover salad



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