0814 August, Low Carb

14th August: MC + Applesauce Fudge Brownie

8.30-9.30: waste time on Internet
9.40-10.03: la compre
10.03-10.05: chem WS 16
10.09-10.34: SKM
10.34-11.12: LA notes add on
11.37-11.43: read chem notes
11.45-11.55: chem notes prac, mcq
11.58-12.48: slack around
12.51-1.11: violin
1.14-2.10: lunch
2.10-2.58: slack
2.58-4.01: violin
4+-5.20pm: baking prep + put into oven
5.20pm-6.10pm: chem notes prac, open ended + check on brownies
10.16am-10.46am (30min): omelette w cottage cheese wo eggplant

11.15am-11.20am: 5 min cottage cheese
11.45am-11.50am: 1 packet seaweed
1.14pm-2.08pm (54min):
– bean sprouts mee rebus
– a lot of sambal bean sprouts
– auntie janet recipe 1.75 drumstick
8.25pm-9.07pm (42min):
– chili crab sauce
– gab’s Japanese curry from scratch, 15 pieces chicken
– some Saba fish
– 6-7 pieces scallop sashimi
– veg
– 2 pieces pepper crab



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