0814 August, crazy cheats, Going Out

22nd August: Munch, Spanish Donuts, Cedele

5.58am-6.23am, 6.38am-6.47am (34min): omelette w cottage cheese

10+pm: cabbage
2.28pm-2.34pm: 3 strawberries
3pm-3.22pm @ Munch Saladsmith:
– ranch dressing
– salmon
– chicken
– “Thai salad”
– cauliflower & zucchini
Afternoon: 5 churros + assortment of chocolate (Spanish donuts)
4.50pm-5.02pm: 4 types of ice cream
– 1 chocolate redondo
– 1/2 mini black bottom cupcake (43kcal, 5.6g)
5.28pm: 1/2 Cedele carrot cake
6+pm: some frozen banana
6.52pm-7.22pm (1/2h):
– steamed sea bass
– soup w 3 fish maw & cabbage
– 1/4 oat cookie
– 1/4 peach
– 10min pesto
– 5 oat clusters
– 5min Soyato ice cream


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