0913 September, Uncategorized

11th September

11/9 (800-900, CF, ice cream…oily eggplant…, overeat) :(((
9.54am-9.56am: some ice cream
9.58-10.08: 120g chocolate ice cream (742g–>619g) (~170kcal)
10.40am-10.56am, 1.10pm-1.26pm (32min): omelette w cottage cheese (~165kcal, 5.6g)

12.20pm-12.46pm: 1/2 $9.90 3 Gelateria Ice Cream—Moscato, Butterscotch, Baileys (~300kcal)
2.54pm-3.03pm (9min): cabbage (39kcal, 2.5g)

4.24pm-4.34pm: 1/2 omelette w cottage cheese (~83kcal, 2.8g)

5.12pm-5.24pm @ Airport: $1 18 Indonesian Eggplant (~200kcal)

7+pm: 1/8 peach (6kcal) + 6 grapes (24kcal) + 3 frozen banana (~15kcal)
8.50pm-9.55pm: 15min ice cream (~100kcal)
Total: 1102kcal, 10.9g + ice cream + fruits — Run 2.2km ~150kcal


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