0913 September

21st September

21/9 (eating horribly) :OOOOOOOOOsigh:OOOOOO
10+am: some choc ice cream + choc cake
10.24am-10.36am: omelette w cottage cheese (165kcal, 5.6g)

10.36am: 2 grapes (6kcal, 1.6g)
– salad
– 2 pcs fish
– 2 meat
– some crab sauce
– PB
– 5 grapes (20kcal, 4g)
– a bit of peach
– 10g PB (~60kcal)
– 8 grapes (32kcal, 6.4g)
– a lot of frozen banana
– bunch of ice cream
– some granola things
4pm: 55g ice cream (140g–>85g, 85kcal 20g)
7+pm (1/2h) @ UKH’s
– cod fish x2
– veg
– 1 small curry chicken
– 2 tofu w egg
– bites of biscuit
– some mango sago

10+pm: granola thing
Total: idfk


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