0913 September

24th September: Crystal Jade

5.56am-6.05am, 1.12pm: omelette w cottage cheese (165kcal, 5.6g)

10.26am: 10 grapes (40kcal, 8g)
1.50pm: 1 piece papaya (13kcal, 1.3g)
2+pm: 10min ice cream + ice cream (altogether 545g–>437g, ~180kcal)
4.16pm-4.33pm (17min) @ T2: $0.70 BK soft serve cone (~110kcal, ~20g)

6.34pm-6.48pm @ Crystal Jade: 18 peanuts
7pm-7.55pm @ Crystal Jade:
– double boiled soup
– 2 keropok
– 1 sweet sour pork
– a lot of fried soon hock (2 & head)
– 1 duck piece
– nai bai cai
– taste ee fu noodles + 2 mushrooms
– 2T red bean + some aboling
8.55pm-9.03pm: ice cream
Total: 508kcal, 34.9g + crystal jade dinner (~1108kcal)


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