0913 September

26th September

26/9 (eat a lot a lot of sugar oops)
6am-6.10am: 1/2 omelette w cottage cheese (88kcal, 2.8g)

7am: 5 grapes (20kcal, 4g)
10+am: 10 grapes (40kcal, 8g)
11+am: some simply bread
12+pm @ NTUC:
– taste ice cream chocolate
– 1 piece chocolate cake
– 1 small cup coffee
1.25-1.37: ice cream (350g–>244g, ~162kcal)
1.39pm-1.54pm: 3 bean curd knots + 1 bone (~100kcal)

1.57pm: 3 leftover eggplant

– a lot of cookie dough
– a lot a lot a lot of cookie stuff
3+: 5 min ice cream (244g–>195g, ~81kcal)
6.45pm-7.10pm: beef + broccoli

8+: 1 pork enoki mushroom
Total: 491kcal + idek (tasting, bread, eggplant, cookie, dinner)


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